We wouldn’t be where we are today without the many loving, helping hands we have had the honour of joining us along the way. Very special thanks to you all!

First and foremost, a huge thank you goes out to all our cash/online donors. A lot of this would not have been possible without their kind donations!


Gina Shim

Andrew Atamian

Naji El Khalil

Alistair Swodeck

Souzana Baradie

Leo Elghareeb

Elie El Khoury

Mario Sfeir

Chris Fitchew

Helen Parker

Imad Ezzedine

Rana El Saadi

John Gibson

Kay Gowan (yoga day Kuwait)



Ghays Tahtah (videographer)

Dani Baradie (video editing)

Ramy Majzoub

Hania Raad

Stephanie Atamian (Stef’s Cakes and delicious cookies!)

Serene Khadi

Maissa Char

Riad Zalloua

Rana Amoudi

Mohammad Chahine (House of Healing)

Rafa Chahine

Nadine Daouk

Diana Farhat

Divya Ghosn

Nour Fayad

Bechara Baroudi

Suzzanne Hejjaoui

Rawia Eid

Nour Gharzeddine

Janet Shim

Pawel Mania

Wessam Al Najjar

Talia Xefos



Alive Yoga

Daratma Yoga


Oliver’s Bar and Kitchen

History Bar

Foundation Bar (London, UK)

Alistair Swodeck (our resident poster maker)

Naji El Khalil (our famous door man)

Hani Faddoul (our moving poster!)

Marc Abdallah (our poster maker)

Rania Kazan (door support)

JJ Clark, Nadim Aoun, Ben Kaye, Alexander Han and all others who have helped to promote our events



Nick Tcherniak

Riva Starr

Tom Stephan


Know What



Aix & Ricci


The Global Gypsy

Shimmy G

Snatch! Records for their support



Huge thank you to Rana El Saadi and Naji El Khalil for their hard work in coordinating the pick ups of these!

House of Healing

Al Madina Theatre

House of Fitness

Book Bazar

U Energy

Brasil Cultural Center

Leo Burnett

Tarte aux Poires

Cafe Hamra

College Melkart

College Louise Wegman

College des Peres Antonin

College Notre Dame de Nazareth

Ramadan Healing Tyre

Rawda High School

Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College BAC

Ecole des Trois Docteurs

Salon et Boutique Elie Rbeiz

Hasan Daouk

Imane Nasreddine Issaf

Raphael Jadaa



International Logistics Services

Bassel Bahsoun

Wadih Rebeiz

Auto Khaled

British Airways



Wild Willy’s Hamra

Gilar Stationary and Office Supplies


Sorry if we have missed anyone; it wasn’t intentional, it’s just that the response has been truly overwhelming! If we’ve missed anyone please let us know so we can add them and thank them once again!