London team heads to Lebanon


The London team are on their way to Beirut, Lebanon!

Thanks so so much to all the people who have donated either money or one of the children’s 300+ coats that we are about to take over to Lebanon for the Syrian Refugee crisis.

Thank you British Airways for donating the cargo allowance. Helen Parker for donating her air miles and of course all her love and time, Alistair Swodeck for being awesome with his fundraising, marketing prowess and love and time, Gina Shim Rebeiz for being our inspiration and leadership and more love and time than you can imagine, Eleanor Cox and her clothing company for routing through your warehouse and donating 80+ amazing brand new coats, Lisa Koi and Vicky Spellacy and all the Leeds mums who worked so hard at rallying so many coats up north, Fiona Marks Kaffel for your last minute baggage and coats and goodness everyone who donated!

Please please please anyone who hasn’t yet – pop on to our donation page at and donate, as as soon as we land in Beirut we will go shopping for as many coats as you have donated for.

There are 1400 camps with more than 200,000 refugees who need our help! Let’s do this!!! 💫

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