Center in Bekaa a life line for child refugees

As you all know, JACKIT has been working very closely with a local NGO, the Beyond Association, to help child refugees in camps scattered all over Lebanon. Funds donated online via our GoFundMe page (or in person) have been used to buy much needed clothing items for children in these camps and have been distributed to them, along with other donated jackets, boots and hats, with the help of Beyond Association.

It warms our hearts to see their work continuing with this one-of-a-kind center here in Lebanon, a first if you like, that helps to protect the most vulnerable of these children, who, out of no fault of their own, have been forced out of their homes and into situations were they have to work so they can be the bread-winners of their families. Children should not be forced into these situations at all. They should be allowed to grow up in a safe and healthy environment, given proper shelter from the elements and given a basic education so they can grow up to be productive and giving citizens of the world. We are very proud to be associated with Beyond Association and the work that they do. In this article here, you can learn more about this brand new center that they have set up in the Bekaa area of Lebanon with the help of the International Labor Organization, the Lebanese Ministry of Labor and Lions Club International.

And as always, your continued support, be it financial or through donated clothing items, is always and very much appreciated. So thank you once again, from the bottom of our hearts. And please, stay tuned for our next activity day with the kids which should be happening soon.

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